The Grand Prix

Mystic Realm pricked his pretty ears and cantered towards the jump I was so nervous that my hands were shaking. C’mon Kylie she said to herself, its just like a pony gymkhana. But inside she knew that it was much more than that, she had come a long way from gymkhanas for this was her first grand prix! Misty jumped the first jumps with ease until the final triple loomed up ahead. Putting all her faith into Misty she turned sharp and headed towards the triple. She held her breath and closed her eyes. The crowd cheered.

100 wc …how would i know…

Amy gripped the reins and urged fire into a canter. She felt fire spirit surge under her as she bounded towards the Oxer. Fire took the jump with ease clearing it with centermetres to spare. fire took the next few jumps in the same style… and the rest of the course. ”Mum” Amy beamed jumping off fire spirit. ”That means i won!” But Amy didn’t win cause she had time faults. ” How would i know?” she kept saying. But after the show a man came up and asked her” Hi Amy i’m Scott Williams i’m a scout from young equestrians…

100wc week 20

the man was turning into bronze and there was nothing i could do to stop it. the man realised what was happening and turned and fixed a accusing look on me i opened my mouth too say something but he was by now completly bronze and so i shut my mouth and walked away.

“Cut” shouted Peter Johnson. “it’s a wrap, good job everyone.” Every one moved around laughing and chatting, the bronze man stood up and hurried off to the changing room to wipe of the metalic paint and join everyone. I went over to the others to talk.


I always loved horses, it was as if there was as flame inside me sparkling the love i had for horses, cantering along beaches, jumping logs and the fizzing excitement of the show ring. Then i fell off. And as i felt the flame flicker and go out of me i felt the love of horses going with it. because i had always felt like i was invicible on that mare, not any more. Then my dappled mare she looked at me with sad brown eyes and i rode her to the beach  i galloped her, and the flame returned.

Silence Orange Thunder Pyjamas Swam 100wc

It was dark and there were cobwebs brushing against her PYJAMAS. Hattie hardly got scared but she was. Not because of the dark or the cobwebs but because of the eerie SILENCE. As she felt  her way along the passage an orange flash of lightning and a crack of THUNDER broke the silence. Hattie felt herself falling headfirst into a pit and as soon as she hit the water she tasted the salt on her lips and she knew she was in the sea. But she only swam a few metres before she hit a rock sinking under the water… Continue reading